Frequently Asked Questions

Advice and answers from the Fashion Atlas Team


Could you provide CSV format or even API connection which would be best? 

We can provide CSV format only at the moment, we are currently developing our system so API will be ready in the near future


Сan I use my own brand or am I supposed to market the products with their own brands? 

Yes, we can mark all our goods with your brand and with your packing, you have to use business plan for such service.


Does this excel file provide all the collections from all your designers?

Yes, we are sending you our file with product which is currently available. 


How about inventory updates, do you provide a link which updates the stock levels daily? Or 3 times daily?

We are sending our stok (inventory) to you each week, if your sales are big, we can send more times if needed.


Do you provide free shipping and returns?

We are not accepting returns only if the item was broken, so if your customers want to return they have to return product to you. 



Do u have shipping rates within US from USPS or courier companies and International too?

For dropship customers we are providing 7$ door delivery in 10-14 days.


How long does the delivery take? 

Average time for final customers take 10-14 days 


Do the designers you stock do they have these goods in stock or is it made to order?

We have stok at our warehouse or at warehouse of our partners 


Is there any cost to using your drop-ship program? 

At the moment we have next tariff plans 29.99$, 79.99$ in a month and business plan.


Are there any additional fees/drop-ship transaction, etc.?

We don’t have any other fees/dropship transactions 


What is your ship and lead time frame if any, to ship ?

We take 2-3 days to prepare your parcel and 10-14 days for shipping 


What are your shipping fees?

7$ for each parcel (order)


Can you not put your company name on the packing slip as I wouldn’t want my customers knowing where I get my products from? 

We are not put any logo on product, as well as we can send goods in your packing 


Will you ship the products from your warehouse? 

Yes we are shipping goods from our warehouse in Ukraine and China, we are checking each item by our self before we ship. 


Where is your distribution warehouse located?

Distribution center is located in Shenzhen China and Ukraine Kiev 


Can I pay upfront with a credit card?

Yes you can make order and pay upfront